Schools Welcome Pupils Back

It is the end of months of home-schooling this week as we welcomed back pupils to our schools.

In preparing for the return, Mrs Tobin, Headteacher at Sileby Redlands, said “I am beyond proud of the resilience the children of Redlands have shown, learning in lockdown. All the staff have also totally impressed me with their adaptability and flexibility. Yet, I just cannot wait to greet all the staff and children back on Monday! Great days ahead.’

We were delighted with attendance on the first day which topped 97%.  Our schools have worked tirelessly to ensure that children can enjoy a safe and welcome return. 

It is wonderful that so many parents have been appreciative of the efforts our schools have made over the past couple of months, sending in messages of support and thanks. The safety of children and the teachers is a big priority and a number of measures are in place to ensure they’re covid secure.

ITV News visited Captains Close this week. Mrs Sadler, Executive Headteacher, said “Staff are in identified different bubbles that they work in, they don’t mix their bubbles.”

In terms of the parents, so during drop off, we have a staggered start so parents can drop off their whole family in one go. When the parents are collecting the same thing happens, they collect from the door of the classroom so there’s no big congregation in the playground.

Children have settled in brilliantly and are adjusting well to being back at school.  Laughter now fills the corridors; friends have been reunited and children are embracing school life once more.

Paul Stone, Trust Leader, said “I am truly delighted that our children’s education has been prioritised and that we can welcome all pupils back to school.

Pupils have risen with impressive resilience and good humour to the challenges, and they have continued to make excellent academic progress with their teachers through remote learning. 

I am incredibly proud and thankful to our fantastic staff.  They have risen to the many challenges that we have faced during the last 12 months with professionalism, care and compassion.

I must also thank all our parents for your continued support. We understand the enormous responsibility and challenges that remote learning has placed on you.

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