Our mission

Our fundamental purpose is to ensure that all our pupils realise their potential.


Formed in 2012, Discovery, is a well established and respected partnership of 13 primary schools and 2 SEND schools in Leicestershire.  Our schools share a fundamental belief in the power of partnership and collaboration in improving the opportunities and outcomes for pupils and staff alike.

Within Discovery, all schools, leaders and pupils are encouraged to share their expertise and knowledge to help everyone reach their full potential, this is accomplished through collaborative learning and the removal of barriers to support everyone to achieve.

Our vision

Discovery Trust aspires to achieve excellence in all areas of our work. The children and families we work with have confidence in the teachers and leaders of the Trust who act with integrity and demonstrate respect for individual needs. Discovery aspires for all our schools to become sustainable and inclusive, driven by a passion for working in partnership with all stakeholders.

Meet the team

Our values

Our values are at the heart of how we work







Our pledges

Discovery is an active contributor to the education system through the sharing of our innovative practice and contribution to the school led system. Discovery commits to supporting the following stakeholders:


We will give you the very best learning opportunities and support you to realise your full potential


We will support your child in all areas of their development and empower them to see their full potential


We will support, develop and encourage you to realise your full potential

Our strategy

Our strategy for 2020-2023 sets out our aspirations for the next 3 years and demonstrates how we will achieve our purpose of ensuring all pupils realise their potential.

Strategic goals

The 5 strategic goals detailed in our strategy summarise our key priorities;

    1. To facilitate a culture of continuous school improvement in all centres that is focused on the needs of the pupils and the demonstration of excellence for all.
    2. To provide highly effective central services allowing school leaders and staff to focus on their core task of supporting children towards realising their potential.
    3. To maintain a highly effective partnership which schools will find supportive and others will want to be part of.
    4. To build a sustainable organisation that contributes to the educational system.
    5. To establish systems and processes that remove the barriers to learning and provide equitable life chances for all.