Virtual Reality Days For Schools

Take your lessons to another level with a Virtual Reality Day

Create awe and wonder with a Virtual Reality Day

There is no doubt that children learn better through experience, in contrast to the traditional methods of reading and writing. Using virtual reality within the classroom allows children to see and experience extraordinary locations that normally they could only dream of.

Imagine being able to bring the curriculum to life using VR. Take your pupils to Ancient Egypt or Outer Space – the sky really is the limit!

Our team of qualified teachers and passionate educators can deliver a range of workshops within your school to help bring learning to life and create some excitement around your topics.

What’s included in our Virtual Reality Days

  • Led by an experienced technician/educator
  • A tailored workshop for each class
  • All VR equipment provided
  • VR content tailored to your learning outcomes
  • Guidance on developing your own VR strategy

How much does it cost?

As part of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme (fully funded by the DfE), we are able to provide these days free of charge to local schools.

The EdTech Demonstrator Programme has been developed by the Department of Education to ensure that all schools in England have access to help and support to improve their digital strategies.

Schools will be required to sign up to the Programme to enable us to deliver the Virtual Reality Day.

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Please note, that in order for us to deliver these days free of charge to schools, we are only able to offer this to schools within 1 hours drive.  Please get in touch to see if you qualify.

Farndon Fields Primary School, Market Harborough

The children were absolutely amazed by the virtual reality experience. For the majority, it was their first time using this technology which was evident by their enthusiasm and excitement. They loved being underwater, exploring the seabed and even swimming with sharks! The VR headsets allow pupils to become temporarily immersed into a different world, creating memorable moments which stimulate their senses and have a positive impact on their depth of subject knowledge and descriptive writing.

Free EdTech Packages from Discovery Trust

If you are a local school, you can take advantage of one of our FREE EdTech packages.

Ensure you have the IT Infrastructure and on-line safety measures in place, to develop a robust digital teaching and learning strategy , or take learning to new heights with a Virtual Reality Day.

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Blended Learning Open Days

Whether you are a school at the start of your blended learning journey, or you have fully embraced EdTech and are regularly embedding it in your teaching and learning, our Blended Learning Open Days will give you the opportunity to see how we are using technology within our schools and, hopefully, provide you with plenty of ideas to take away with you.


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