Educational excellence

Good governance is at the heart of delivering educational excellence.

The governance model

Good governance is at the heart of delivering educational excellence.

The Board of Trustees has defined what ‘governance’ means for Discovery in a Governance Strategy which outlines how governance is structured and organised as part of a whole trust approach to improving standards.


Our three-tier governance model.


As a charitable company limited by guarantee Discovery has Members who have a similar role to the shareholders in a company limited by shares. The Members are the ‘guardians of the governance’ of Discovery and ensures it acts within its charitable objects and values to achieve the vision.

Board of trustees

The multi-academy structure means that Discovery School Board of Trustees (sometimes known as the board of directors or governing body) is ultimately responsible for governance of all the schools in Discovery and is accountable for their performance.

To support effective governance, the Board delegates governance functions to be carried out through committees, local school Advisory Boards and through the Central Executive Team. The governance functions delegated by the Board across the structure are set out in a Scheme of Delegation.

School advisory board

Each school has an Advisory Board which has a key role in influencing the development of the school, providing a forum for discussion of strategy and policy matters to ensure the education delivered meets the needs of children locally.
The Advisory Boards are small groups and have staff, parent and community representation; membership details are included on the individual school website.

The Advisory Board represent the interests of their community, reporting to the board on local issues to ensure the school the success of the school within Discovery. AB Membership details can be found in the ‘Key Governance Document’ section above.