School improvement support

Schools within the Teaching School Alliance have the opportunity to engage with School to School (S2S) support each year.

School improvement support

Schools within the Teaching School Alliance have the opportunity to engage with School to School (S2S) support each year. Each school has the option to receive a visit from an NLE to support their School Improvement Planning each year as a part of their membership. We have a number of School Improvement opportunities for schools to access which are explained below.


Peer review

Affinity has successfully designed peer review programmes which operate at both primary and secondary phases. Our programmes have been built in collaboration with our partner schools and engage schools in meaningful peer challenge centred around improving school performance. Our programmes are available to all partner schools and run annually, unless school chose not to engage in the process.

Anyone taking part in our peer review process is expected to engage in training before joining a team and this is led by one of Ofsted trained system leaders to ensure there is a quality in the support we are providing.

Feedback from schools about this process is extremely positive and we are always welcoming new schools to get involved.

If you would like to know more please get in touch with us at

School improvement visits

We have a team of trained NLEs, LLEs and SLEs who are available to support schools to improve. We have a range of support options available to our schools which includes:

  • Pupil Premium Reviews
  • Book Scrutiny
  • Safeguarding Audits and Guidance
  • Subject Leader Support
  • Pre Ofsted Inspection support
  • Subject Deep Dive visits
  • Teaching Assistant Reviews
  • Whole School SEND Reviews
  • Teaching and Learning Reviews
  • Headteacher Performance Management
  • New Headteacher Mentoring
  • Governance reviews
  • Financial Support and Reviews
  • SEF / SIP Development
  • Leadership Coaching

We have a consistent charging policy for our work:
NLE/LLE Support = £550 per day
SLE Support = £350 per day

If you would like support in your school and you are not part of the alliance please get in touch and we will endeavour to support you.

System leadership

At Affinity and Discovery we have a team of skilled system leaders who are here to help improve your school. We recruit new system leaders each year to ensure there is a flow of talent and capacity running through the alliance and trust and if you would like to know more about becoming an SLE please get in touch with our team. Our system includes the following National Leaders of Education:


Paul Stone – Discovery

David Briggs – Discovery

Chris Bruce (SEND) – Keyham Lodge School

Local Leaders of Education

Dawn White – Discovery

Sarah Sadler – Woolden Hill Primary School

Catherine Stretton – Spinney Hill Primary School

Phil Lewin – Ibstock Junior School

Ben Solly (Secondary) – Uppingham Community College

Judith Boston – St Bartholomew’s CE Primary School

Specialist leaders of education & lead professionals

English and Phonics

Estelle Ewing

Phil Page

Jez Smith

Sadie Owen

Lizzie Wright

David Chapple

Lisa Gackowska

Maddie Towne

Alex Whitehouse


EYFS & Pre School

Tim Gilbert

Sam Brewster

Sarah Duckett

Christy Reid


Andie Bailey

Afshah Deen

Jo Stone

Lucy Boulger

Becky Mukiza

Gilly Williams



Kirstie Rowntree

Georgina Kendall (Secondary)



Adele Darlington

Caroline Towers (Secondary)


Tom Carte


SEND & Behaviour

Helen Smith

Helen Pugh

Danielle Marks

Ali Williams

Helen Oliver

Megan Williams

Emma Watson



Lukasz Kostecki