Our pre-schools

Children in Discovery pre-schools enjoy focused, fun and creative activities inside and outside.

Our Pre-Schools

Eight of our Trust schools have a pre-school.

This is a joyful time of learning and discovery for both children and their parents/carers. At Discovery we provide a safe and secure environment where relationships between every child, their teacher, other adults and parents are key to a successful educational journey. This important year cultivates everything needed for a child’s future school life and is achieved through fostering strong parent partnerships and our commitment to develop key learning skills in every child such as curiosity, confidence to explore and resilience.

We are passionate that children foster a love for learning through an exciting and engaging curriculum in stimulating indoor and outdoor learning environments. At Discovery we believe it is vital that children are encouraged to become independent learners, feel happy, safe and secure enough to take their own risks.

Independent learners

Our Children are developed through child initiated and adult led activities. It is important to build upon the skills they require to be lifelong independent learners and thinkers.

Children in Discovery pre-schools enjoy focused, fun and creative activities inside and outside. We have warm, bright environments, where a large range of toys, a home corner, a creative station, music and story areas support the child’s developments. All classes have an interactive whiteboard. There are freeflow play areas where the children can enjoy themed activities alongside ride-on toys, sandpits and water play areas.

Discovery Pre-Schools

Our Discovery pre-schools reflect the developing social, physical and academic needs of individual children. During the pre-school year we aim to expand children’s confidence, independence and interest in learning, helping to facilitate an easy transition to school.

Our children will learn by doing things for themselves, by exploring and investigating, watching and listening, talking and discussing, creating and communicating – in other words, learning through play. We ensure children are provided with opportunities to grow, develop and achieve in friendly and stimulating environments.