IT Infrastructure Audits

Take advantage of our FREE ICT audits to get a an up-to-date overview of your schools infrastructure and advice on any improvements.

Helping schools implement a sound IT strategy for now – and the future

Technology is transforming teaching and learning and to ensure that schools can harness the benefits of EdTech and equip pupils with the skills necessary for a digital world, a high-quality IT infrastructure is essential.

The benefits of having a High-quality IT Infrastructure

Saves money

The ongoing running costs of poor ICT infrastructure can be significant. For example, poor ICT infrastructure can result in schools needing to invest more in technical support and replacing individual parts. A planned programme of design, investment and support will reduce long term costs.

Saves teachers’ time

Good ICT infrastructure should be reliable and seamless. When staff trust that their systems and infrastructure work, they can use them to reduce workload. For example, by improving communication, collaboration and planning.  Reliable systems also eliminate the need for teachers to prepare alternative approaches, should technology fail.

Improved effectiveness

A well-functioning and well-maintained infrastructure allows teachers, students and admin staff to use technology in a timely and appropriate manner and supports teaching and learning.  For example, good infrastructure allows students and staff to: log on to their devices quickly, share content and material, and provide online feedback quickly and reliably.

What’s included in the IT Infrastructure Audit?

Wireless Network and Coverage

We analyse your schools’ current wireless network coverage and efficiency and provide advice to ensure the best digital classroom experience, within your budget and vision

End User Hardware

From iPads, desktops and EdTech devices, we will review your current devices and offer any advice on how to improve them to make your classroom future-proof.

Network Infrastructure and Software

We can analyse and review your current ICT network infrastructure, helping improve efficiency and security – letting you make the most of ICT budgets.

Cloud Services

Are you making the most of cloud-based software, platforms and solutions? We will work with you and advise on next steps to ensure you get the full benefits.


Server and Storage Performance

Essential to the running of your schools’ digital learning curriculum is an optimised and efficient server. Ensure your server is fit for purpose and still supported by manufacturers. We can review and suggest improvements to ensure your network remains secured.

How much do the IT Infrastructure Audits cost?

As part of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme (fully funded by the DfE), we are able to provide these audits free of charge to local schools.

The EdTech Demonstrator Programme has been developed by the Department of Education to ensure that all schools in England have access to help and support to improve their digital strategies.

Schools will be required to sign up to the Programme to enable us to deliver these IT Audits.

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Please note, that in order for us to deliver these audits free of charge to schools, we are only able to offer this to schools within 1 hours drive.  Please get in touch to see if you qualify.

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