Harborough primary school recognised for its ‘excellent’ teaching of local history

Congratulations to Farndon Fields Primary School, who has been awarded the Historic England Heritage Award.

In the last two years, the school has developed an annual Heritage Week in which the children learn about significant local events. And following the children’s recent project on listed buildings around Market Harborough, the school has been awarded this prestigious Award.

​​​​​​​Despite the challenges presented by a global pandemic, the school’s Heritage Week went ahead again in February with the theme about discovering Market Harborough’s listed buildings and providing photos for a whole school display.

As this took place during a period of national lockdown, families were also encouraged to participate during their daily walks and some even contributed their photos to Historic England’s website.

And the annual event at the school has not gone unnoticed by Historic England. Following a submission by Mr Burton, the school was praised by the Government organisation and awarded the Historic England Heritage Award.

In making the award, Ismail Dale, the Local Heritage Education Manager from Historic England, described the school’s History teaching as “excellent” and said that the school’s Heritage Week programme was a great source that he could use to demonstrate best practise for other schools.

The learning the children do during Heritage Week has also been recognised by the Naseby Battlefield Trust who asked the school to participate in an arts project – called Naseby 1645 – commissioned to commemorate the battle.

Headteacher Nikki Matthew said: “I am extremely proud of the way in which our community has engaged in Heritage Week. It is so important for our children to understand the legacy of historical events and how this might support their decision making now and in the future.”

Congratulations to everyone involved!

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