Flexible Working Project

As a designated Flexible Working Ambassador School we are able to support other schools and MATs to adopt effective approaches to Flexible Working Practice.

Flexible Working Project

Kibworth CE Primary School has been appointed as the Flexible Working Ambassador School (FWAS) in the East Midlands, South Yorkshire and Humber region. There are to be a total of eight Flexible Working Ambassador Schools (FWAS) in England, across the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) regions, with delivery taking place from April 2021 until December 2022 (five terms in total).

The long term goals of the programme are to

➤ increase understanding of different types of flexible working through leading sessions with school leaders, governors and HR staff.

➤ being an influencer for other schools (through hosting virtual events, virtual networks, including supporting DfE with external events), all of which will be free of charge and available to colleagues across the region.

➤ providing practical support to schools e.g. peer support, advising and assisting with model flexible working policy documents. We will be working with 8 core schools in a detailed way and will be hosting sessions for any school to join to help them lead their own flexible working journey over the coming 2 years.

This project will be led by Emma Turner our Trusts Research Informed CPD Lead and author of Let’s talk about flex who is an expert in the field of flexible working, alongside our HR Team and Headteachers. Emma will be working with schools within and beyond Discovery Trust to help this project become a success. We will be posting resources, policies and session recordings on our Trust website and will share them as they become available.

If you would like to know more about our project then please email us info@affinitytsa.co.uk with FWAS in the title and we will be in contact with you.

Getting involved

We are really keen to work with schools throughout the coming five terms and encourage you to get in touch with us to find out how our work can support you to improve your approach to Flexible Working Approaches for staff.

Please contact us via email to find out more about our project at this stage and keep an eye out on our twitter feed for news coming soon.

Email info: info@affinitytsa.co.uk with FWAS in the title

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Opportunity for change

Never before has there been such an exciting time for flexible working but there are still so many barriers, myths and historical narratives around what flexible working is and how to make flexible working work for you, your school or your organisation.

However, getting support  for your school or organisation with flexible working is as easy as 1,2,3 with us here at Discovery.

Our three strand programme of support is designed to provide guidance, resources and sector leading advice on three key areas:

  1. Leadership – working with school leaders, governors, boards and trusts to increase awareness around the potential of flexible working and to encourage more leadership posts to incorporate flexible working structures.
  2. Operational flex support – everything operational from policies to recruitment, employment arrangements and timetabling to contracts, HR advice and structuring the workforce.
  3. Developing our flexible workforce – supporting colleagues already in flexi posts or seeking a flexi post to make their flexible arrangement work for both them and their organisation. Support with everything from time management to successful jobshare arrangements to interviews and applications. Expert support on how to integrate flex into both full and part time roles.

Our core team is made up of award leading sector experts with decades of experience in the flexi sector in both education leadership and HR/Operations.

As a trust and as project leads we have a proven track record, and decades of lived experience, in successfully supporting and leading schools with flex at the heart.

If you are an individual, a school leader or a trust leader, we can work with you to support you in your flex journey. Complete the online form to find out how we can help.