At Discovery Trust, we pride ourselves in being able to develop and enrich our school sites with improvements to the learning environment

The Success of Enhancing the School Estate in Discovery Trust

Exciting and attracting learning spaces are essential to inspire our pupils to achieve their potential. We work with the leadership teams and advisory boards to help each school establish a clear vision for their school premises and provide ideas about how this could be developed in the future. As a Trust we are given a schools conditions grant from the ESFA. Our dedicated team of Estate leaders and premises officers work together closely to ensure we can maximise the money we are given to get the great value for money

Here are a few examples of our successes across our schools.

Farndon Fields Primary School Expansion

Discovery Trust, in partnership with YMD Boon, project managed a £1.87m expansion of Farndon Fields Primary School, taking to form a 210 to 420 place primary school in 9 months, on time and on budget.

Farndon Fields Primary School Extension Resized


Farndon Fields Primary School Extension Internal Resized

Captain’s Close Primary School: Internal adaptations and the creation of a SEND resource Hub

In the summer of 2020, despite the COVID pandemic, we managed to completely change the internal layout of the school and build a new class base to create a SEND Resource hub for 12 children.

Captains Close SEND Resource Hub Resized

Captains Close SEND Resource Resized

Woolden Hill: Internal adaptations to create a pre school

Discovery Trust had the resources and capacity to create a new pre school in Woolden Hill to meet local parental demand.


Our Current Projects

Parkland Primary School – creation of Studio space.

Starting in November 21, a new 70 metre studio space is being development to at Parkland Primary school which will be multi purpose for both children and families. Managed inhouse, expected to be delivered March 2022.


Greystoke Primary School: A purpose built pre school

Starting in January 2022, the Trust in partnership with Leicestershire County Council is creating Pre school class base on the site of an old Premises Officer house . Project completion April 2022.