Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to valuing and celebrating diversity, and to advancing equality and inclusive practice in all our activities.

Equality Strategy

Our Equality Strategy sets out a trust-wide commitment to equality the objectives we are working towards over the next four years.  As a ‘living’ document it will be updated to reflect the development of our work and emerging national and local issues.


Equality Objectives

Equality objective 1: To identify and gather equality data to understand the diversity demographics of the Trust and schools and identify further actions to address inequalities.
Equality objective 2: To lead schools in developing inclusivity in all areas of practice and train all staff to provide an inclusive curriculum that represents our diverse culture and society and encourages acceptance and respect.
Equality objective 3: To create a diverse workforce that better reflects over diverse community by addressing the potential for unconscious bias in recruitment by implementing a ‘blind recruitment’ process.
Equality objective 4: To establish an equality group to monitor the implementation of the equality strategy, objectives and champion equality issues.
Equality objective 5: To support schools to evidence compliance with the public sector equality duty by creating a consistent reporting template.
Equality objective 6: To support schools to increase opportunities for flexible working.


Equality Consultative Group

To support and monitor the implementation of the strategy we have established an Equality Consultative Group (ECG) with representation from across our schools and governance.  The group will champion the voice of protected groups and help promote and raise awareness around equality issues.  

Role of the group

  • Contribute to the delivery of the Trust Equality Strategy and monitor progress against the objectives
  • Develop an understanding of how equality and inclusion affects our stakeholders (staff, pupils, parents, governance etc) and use this to steer strategy.
  • Help drive the changes required to embed equality across the Trust to engage staff and stakeholders.
  • Support and champion equality and inclusion in all areas of the trust.
  • Ensure that equality issues and inclusion are considered in key Trust strategies and policies
  • Regularly review of both qualitative and quantitative data relating to diversity and inclusion and staff satisfaction and engagement across the Trust.

You can find more information in the terms of reference.


The group is made up of:

  • Up to 7 nominated representatives from schools & governance
  • Up to 6 members of the equality steering group which represents – HR, Governance & School Leadership
  • Trust Leader

Nominated representatives:

Muhammad Patel – Attendance Officer

Olga Brownlow – Teacher

Naadia Begum – HR Assistant

Emma Turner – Research & CPD Lead

Jenny Blewitt – Advisory Board Member

Ravinder Saund – Advisory Board Member

Equality steering group members:

Paul Stone – Trust Leader

Louise Barber – Operations Director

Beena Chohan – HR Manager

Halil Tamgumus – Headteacher

Karen Ludden – Executive Assistant

Inclusive Allies

Each representative is an ‘inclusive ally’ for one or more of the protected characteristics to actively promote and seek to advance the culture of inclusion.

Protected Characteristic Lead
Age Olga Brownlow
Disability Karen Ludden
Gender Reassignment / Sexual Orientation Vacancy
Marriage & Civil Partnership / Pregnancy & Maternity Emma Turner
Race Ravi Saund
Religion & Belief Naadia Begum
Sex Jenny Blewitt
Social Disadvantage Muhammed Patel

Meeting reports

Reports from the termly ECG meetings will be made available here.