Discovery is one of the national leaders in the EdTech Demonstrator Programme with Kibworth CE Primary being named our lead school.

Find out more below or visit the dedicated Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme website here.

What is the EdTech Demonstrator Programme?

The EdTech Demonstrator Programme is a FREE national peer-led network of demonstrators helping schools & colleges in England to develop and improve their digital strategies.

The EdTech Demonstrator Programme was developed by the Department for Education to ensure schools and colleges across England could access free, expert advice on educational technology. The programme launched shortly before the Covid19 pandemic enforced an extended period of remote teaching and learning in the Spring of 2020.

The programme is now in its second year and has evolved from crisis response during 2020-21 to offer support to schools and colleges in developing sustainable digital strategies which make effective use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.


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What EdTech support is available?

The focus for 2021-22 is to ensure a more structured approach, and encourage long-term and sustained adoption of technology for:

  • School/college recovery
  • Reducing teacher workload
  • School/college improvement plans
  • School/college resource management
  • Securing an accessible and inclusive curriculum, including pupils/students with SEND and excluded pupils/students

Some example areas of support include:

  • Helping schools and colleges to fully utilise the devices supplied by the DfE and procured by schools/colleges and parents to continue the drive to use technology effectively
  • Equipping teachers with the skills they need to make the most from the tools they have available
  • Supporting senior leaders to embrace the change and embed the positives from the past year into their schools and colleges
  • A national webinar series is also available which is free to join and is updated every half term with different topics and speakers (details on the website).
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How much support can I receive?

  • From 6 to up to 30 hours of free support is available to schools and colleges, and is agreed, depending on the school/college’s needs.
  • This year’s support is available until the end of March 2022.
  • Schools and colleges which received support during the first year of the programme (2020-21) can sign up again.

EdTech Summit 2021

How can I access EdTech support?

Register for free, EdTech support, up to March 2022, and choose Kibworth CE Primary School from the DfE’s EdTech Demonstrator Programme.

We will then get in touch to discuss your EdTech requirements and tailor support to meet your needs.


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Hear how EdTech and the introduction of blended learning is impacting on teaching and learning; from reducing teacher workload, to creating inspiring learning environments.

Blended Learning Open Days

EdTech Blended Learning Webinars

As part of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme,  Kibworth CE Primary School will be running a series of webinars to support schools with implementing and developing their blended learning.


To find out more and to register, click the link below.


EdTech National Webinar Series

As part of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme, a series of webinars curated by the Delivery Partner and supported by multiple EdTech Demonstrators has been planned.

The webinars cover everything from strategic leadership and creating change to how schools can use technology to reduce workload and improve feedback at the same time.

To view the programme and register, click here.

Need support with EdTech and creating a blended learning environment?

If you would like free, expert advice and support with educational technology, developing digital strategies and creating a blended learning environment, register your expression of interest with the EdTech Demonstrator Programme.


EdTech Training Resources

Find resources to help you and your school improve your digital strategies and make effective use of technology to enhance your teaching and learning.