Discovery SEND Conference 2024

On Monday 8th January 2024 Discovery hosted their Inaugural SEND conference at Keyham Lodge School. The theme of the SEND conference was focused around ‘Neurodiversity’ and how the brain works.  

The SEND Conference was an event in which all teaching and support colleagues from across our SEND Schools as well as colleagues from across our primary’s, gathered to partake in workshops and have the chance to listen to two keynote speakers from across the neurodiversity world. This was a day where our SEND colleagues could gather information and then implement this when they return to their schools for the spring term.

The SEND conference was split between workshops and keynotes. In total there were nine different workshops available for colleagues to attend. Prior to the conference, all attendees at the conference had the option to choose four of the workshops which they felt they wanted to attend to enhance their practice.

The workshops available throughout the day were-

ADHD- Nicola Pereira

-ASD- Dan Pinder

-Assistive technology – Ellen Croft, Briana Campbell, and Jade Hurst

-Dyslexia – Vicky Edwards

-DLD – Alex Hickinbottom

-Global development delay – Paula Hopkins

-Law and statutory processes – Chris Bristow

-OCD – Mel Shirley

-How Sensory Integration is pivotal in the development of Speech, Language and Communication, Melanie Carte

Andrew Curran and Trevor Cotterill, the two keynote speakers were a big feature of the day, leading conversations about neuroscience and using their expertise to explain all about Neurodiversity.

A big thank you to the Keyham Lodge Catering team who provided the buffet for day, the food was excellent. Thank you to everyone who helped the day be such a success.

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