“Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational”.     George Couros, 2015, The Innovator’s Mindset.

Discovery Trust and Blended Learning

At Discovery, we have always placed a big emphasis on Educational Technology (EdTech) and how it can positively impact teaching and learning; from reducing workload for teachers to helping to keep children actively engaged and enhancing their learning and development.

We have seen, first-hand, how empowering teachers, administrators, parents and students with technology can help them achieve more.  We have seen how the right technology, used at the right time can remove barriers to learning and close educational gaps.  And we have seen how, by using technology to put the student at the centre of the classroom, children develop the 21st century skills – problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and resilience, needed to succeed in the

“Good technology integration isn’t about using the fanciest tool; it’s about being aware of the range of options and picking the right strategy – or strategies – for the lesson at hand”.   Youki Terada, 2020

Follow our journey, as we embed blending learning into the classroom.  Hear from school leadership teams and teachers about the impact EdTech is having on pupils’ learning and development and be inspired by the technology and apps we are using to engage children with their learning.

Our EdTech Journey

Primary School Blended Learning Journey

Come and see blended learning in action at our Microsoft Showcase Open days

Whether you are a school at the start of your blended learning journey, or you have fully embraced EdTech and are regularly embedding it in your teaching and learning, our Microsoft Showcase Open Days will give you the opportunity to see how we are using technology within our schools and, hopefully, provide you with plenty of ideas to take away with you.




Teaching STEM Skills for today and the future

A robust STEM education is becoming more and more important and understanding STEM concepts is going to be the most sought after knowledge-set in the future.  To help equip our pupils with the skills necessary for 21st-century careers, we are giving all our schools the opportunity to explore a wide-range of STEM technologies.

By utilising the ACER STEM Rewards Programme, we have been able to purchase a whole range of STEM equipment – from spheros to drone sets, from VR headsets to Microbits.

STEM education doesn’t only help pupils who plan to go into STEM careers but also helps develop curiosity, creative thinking, taking initiative, multi-disciplinary thinking and empathy – all skills needed to succeed in today’s world and the future.

Watch the ACER case study, to see the impact of using STEM technologies within our schools.

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