Teach. Learn. Discover

The Trust places teaching and learning at the heart of all school improvement work.


Our principles within the Trust for effective assessment are:

  • To ensure all children achieve exceptionally well and prepare them for the next stage of their journey
  • To ensure reliability and validity in assessment across the trust ensuring consistency, repeatability and comparability
  • To empower staff to be confident in using a range of assessment methods effectively
  • To enable teachers and children to become creators of an effective and purposeful learning journey
  • Having open and honest discussions with colleagues, parents, children and stakeholders
  • Setting aspirational goals that are used to challenge and improve outcomes for children
  • Being open to advice from other colleagues and schools about how to improve our assessment processes and systems
  • Collecting and collating assessment information which is valid, accurate and purposeful
  • Upholding confidentiality where appropriate
  • Remaining professional at all times when partaking in assessment activities
  • Using assessment information in a purposeful way to support children’s learning
  • Using appropriate and respectful vocabulary and language with colleagues, parents, children and stakeholders


Leaders Network

The Discovery Assessment Leaders Network is an established network across the trust with the key principles at its core:

  • Improving the outcomes for all children
  • Improving teacher’s expectations and understanding
  • Improving the culture of high expectations for all through setting aspirational targets
  • Improving the impact of children’s involvement in assessments
  • Improving the accuracy of judgements
  • Improving parents’ understanding of expectations
  • Improving parents’ aspirations for their children’s achievement
  • Improving the effectiveness of feedback
  • Ensuring strong leadership of assessment in the school so that s/he is clear and confident on assessment procedures and impact in school
  • Committing to understand assessment and drive this forward