Limitless learning

We believe every child and adult in our school community should have limitless learning opportunities.

Discover your full potential

Within Discovery, all schools, leaders and pupils are encouraged to share their expertise and knowledge to help everyone reach their full potential – this is accomplished through collaborative learning and the removal of barriers to support everyone to achieve.







Our schools

Discovery is an academy sponsor for new schools or for schools that may require intensive support to reach their potential.

Our schools
"Pupils say they feel safe. Leaders and staff work well with pupils and their families to support their emotional well-being and welfare."

Our partnerships

Discovery actively seeks to form partnerships with the local community and prides itself on its outward facing nature.

"The Trust invests in You as person. They consider what you, as teacher want and need in terms of developing your practice and career."


Discovery works closely with other schools who have strengths and specialism to share, which add further value to our schools.

Strategic objectives
"Being a Headteacher within Discovery is a truly remarkable experience. The support offered is unparalleled and all staff work in collaboration to ensure our schools are the best they can be and that our children and families have every opportunity to succeed."

Discovery partnerships

We have established a number of key partnerships to ensure this work is successful. The focus of our partnership is providing high quality support for staff and children in all of our partner schools. We place a strong emphasis on collaborative learning which all schools take part in each year to help broaden the impact of the expertise and knowledge within our EP and SALT Teams.